About Us

Zumo Apps develop apps for businesses using innovative software design models that allow us to produce quality apps, with speed and at a fraction of the usual cost.  We create bespoke and branded apps for your business and marketing needs.

With our strong background in marketing and website development we offer apps alongside service and advice that best helps you utilise the latest marketing techniques to increase revenues and project your brand.

Over two decade’s of combined experience working in website design and marketing has brought us to the mobile market: as we understand the importance of businesses reacting to the consumer’s increased switch to mobile use in order to stay connected with their customers.



Gareth trained in law and studied in Bristol and Nottingham, before graduating the LPC at Oxford University’s OXILP with distinction in 2010.  Over the past decade he has started a number of successful small businesses and has an acute understanding of the challenges SMEs face, how to make your business stand out and find the successful recipe.  He has also worked in some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

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As an expert in the digital marketing and business development fields Tim has regular speaking engagements, helping business owners understand how to effectively adopt new marketing technologies. Tim has spend over a decade working with SME’s and has built several successful businesses including a leading digital marketing agency.

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Who We've Worked With

Sports Cafe
London Stock Exchange
Lloyds Banking Group
Inter Media
Denise Pearson Music